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Compounded HRT: Getting the Right Replacement Plan

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a vital medical tool in the treatment of hormone imbalances. It’s particularly significant for women, who may expect to experience a variety of menopausal symptoms at some point in life. For many women, HRT restores balance, when life has been disrupted by hormonal changes. While there are many mass-market pharmaceutical remedies, HRT is one area where compounded medication can offer the benefits of a customized treatment option.

No two women’s bodies will respond in exactly the same way to hormone treatment. A compounding pharmacist can work with your healthcare provider to develop a course of treatment that will provide the hormones needed to bring balance, in the most appropriate quantities, using the dosage form that delivers the best results for the patient.

The compounding pharmacist can continue to work with your healthcare provider, as treatment proceeds, to adjust dosages, for optimum results. Customized HRT has improved the lives of millions of women. Talk to your pharmacist or healthcare provider to learn more about what compounded HRT treatment can offer you.

Hormone testing:

There are many options available to test your hormone levels.  McMahan Pharmacy will help you decide which testing method is right for you.  If you have already been tested and need help with results, provide us with a copy and we will help you understand them.

Saliva testing:

Panels usually range from $170-$260, collections are done in the privacy of your own home and the number of samples varies depending on your needs.

The Comprehensive Plan (this plan is for women who want a ‘hands on’ approach to their therapy)

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