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Treating Animal Ear Infections With Enrofloxacin / Itraconazole / Triamcinolone Otic

Enrofloxacin/Itraconazole/Triamcinolone Otic is the most commonly requested compounded item utilized by licensed veterinarians to treat ear infections in companion animals. Enrofloxacin/Itraconazole/Triamcinolone Otic contains Enrofloxacin (an antibiotic to treat bacterial infection), Itraconazole (to help prevent fungal growth secondary to the antibiotic treatment), and Triamcinolone (an anti-inflammatory) in an anhydrous base to further discourage fungal overgrowth.  Many veterinarians will treat by using two mls per ear with Enrofloxacin/Itraconazole/Triamcinolone Otic and rechecking 2 weeks later; rev-evaluation may require another treatment cycle.

Enrofloxacin/Itraconazole/Triamcinolone Otic is a compounded product of McMahan Pharmacy, made only upon request by the prescribers and used only by veterinarians.  It should not be used in an animal with a ruptured eardrum.  Enrofloxacin/Itraconazole/Triamcinolone Otic is also available as anhydrous otic drops.