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Are compounded prescriptions safe?

Compounding pharmacies get their ingredients for medication from suppliers that are registered and inspected by the FDA. Compounded prescriptions are similar to “off-label” use of FDA drugs. Physicians and veterinarians often prescribe medications based on what treatment is in the best interest of the individual patient.  

All compounding pharmacies are licensed and regulated by the State Board of Pharmacy.  The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards are integrated in the day-to-day practice of pharmacy compounding.  Even greater oversight comes through accreditations that establish and survey guidelines to maintain quality in the compounding process.  McMahan Pharmacy is PCAB accredited. 

Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation is a service of the Accreditation Council for Health Care (ACHC) that assesses the nonsterile and sterile pharmacy compounding process as defined by a specific set of standards that concentrate on the quality and consistency of medications produced.