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McMahan Launches Wellness Select Range of Supplements

At McMahan Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on providing patients with the best medications, derived from the highest quality sources and customized to meet individual patient needs. We apply the same level of quality control to our McMahan Wellness Select range of supplements, empowering our customers with health care products they can trust to be professional grade.

When you purchase our Wellness Select supplements, such as vitamins, protein powders and nutrients, you’re assured that they meet our stringent standards. We source only pharmaceutical grade supplements, tested for purity and potency by certified laboratories and our McMahan staff are always happy to provide expert advice and recommendations regarding your wellness regime.

Your supplement regime is only as good as the quality of the vitamins, minerals and other ingredients it features. We put our name on our McMahan Wellness Select products because we’re confident that they offer the highest quality, consistency and value.

Talk to a McMahan pharmacist about your current supplement regime or your wellness goals, and get expert advice about the benefits McMahan Wellness Select products can offer you.

View our Wellness Select range