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Compounded Prescriptions
for Sports Medicine

Sports injuries reflect the wear and tear of a diverse range of activities on a similarly diverse set of body types, via problematic pain, inflammations, strains, sprains and other afflictions. They often stand between people and their favorite activities, with sufferers eager to get back to the sport they love ASAP.

How can compounds help?

Driven by the demands of professional athletes, sports medicine is a field where innovation flourishes. Compounded prescriptions are often the best delivery mechanisms for a range of medications that can be combined to provide optimized relief from sports injuries.

Commercially available products often come in a limited variety of strengths. Working closely with both the athlete and a healthcare provider, a compounding pharmacist can offer individualized treatment, calibrating medication strength, looking at the optimal delivery system (such as  topical creams, transdermal gels or solutions that may not be commercially available), and utilizing other customization options to deliver the best sports medicine solution.

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