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Tranilast Treats Ear Infection, Keeps Loki Youthful

As compounding veterinary pharmacists, we are often able to offer pet owners innovative treatments for their companion animals. For example, Tranilast is an antiallergic drug that has proven to be effective on scars, tumors and in the case of this patient success story, ear infections. Does your pet have a problem that’s not responding to treatment? We invite you to talk to a McMahan pharmacist, who may be able to suggest new and effective treatment options, including innovative medications, and treatment forms that that may be better suited to your animal’s care regimen (for example flavored medications, or medications that are easier to apply).

Reflecting on their experiences with Tranilast, Loki’s owner writes, “In January 2016, my twelve-year-old golden retriever Loki got one of the worst ear infections I have ever seen. She was miserable: painful, swollen, and really smelly! We went to the vet, who prescribed some ear drops and oral antibiotics—and a cone of shame, of course. Several weeks and lots of fighting over ear drops later, Loki seemed to be doing better. But she kept scratching at her ears and rubbing her head on the carpet. Two weeks later another ear infection appeared. We went through the same routine only for a THIRD infection to appear!

By this time it was early spring and Loki was beginning to lose her undercoat with the warmer weather. But she was losing too much hair, and she never stopped itching! My beautiful, soft golden retriever began to look shaggy and old for the first time in her life. Her coat was thin and ragged. Strangers didn’t remark at how soft she was any more when they said hello. When I asked my veterinarian about the hair loss she suggested it might be due to an allergy, but we had trouble pinpointing any dietary triggers and no oral medications seemed to work.

Finally, in April 2016, I heard about a medication that might help: Tranilast. McMahan Pharmacy compounded a three-month supply just for Loki. She takes one 50mg capsule every morning with breakfast. At first I wasn’t sure that anything was changing because there weren’t any immediate effects, but near the end of that first bottle my close friends began saying that Loki looked so much healthier and younger. Her undercoat was growing back in, even though it was still summer. Even though we spent lots of time in the rivers near Austin to avoid the Texas heat, she never got an ear infection.”